Our Services

Holistic assessment, diagnosis and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Experts in movement science and rehabilitation focused on restoring the optimal function of multiple body systems.

Restores and maintains health and wellness of the entire body by focusing on the spine and nervous system.

Hands-on mobilization of the soft tissue structures of the body to treat pain and dysfunction.

Assessment and treatment of dizziness, vertigo and balance disorders caused by inner ear pathologies like BPPV, cervicogenic dizziness, post concussion, traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and other neurological conditions.

Assessment and treatment of post concussion headaches, dizziness, neck dysfunction, visual processing and balance deficits.

Assessment and treatment of jaw related pain and dysfunction commonly resulting from trauma, arthritis, grinding or poor posture. 

CAMPT-Certified physiotherapists provide advanced clinical expertise and have specialized training in hands-on treatments.  

Insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body to assist with tissue healing, reduce pain, decrease inflammation, and correct energy imbalances in the body.

Dry needling technique involving inserting an acupuncture needle into chronically shortened muscle bands for the treatment of pain. 

Insoles designed to provide support and correct altered foot and lower extremity biomechanics that contribute to pain and dysfunction in the body.

Medical devices used to immobilize, support, off-load and protect injured bones, soft tissues, and joints of the body.

Medical garments designed to help improve blood circulation and treat blood circulation conditions. 

A form of alternative medicine that focuses on holistic and natural approaches to healthcare. It emphasizes the body’s natural ability to heal itself and aims to treat the root cause of a health problem rather than just the symptoms.

Assessing an injury and developing a recovery plan for athletes in preparation for safe reintegration into their active lifestyle.

Modality that involves the application of short, frequent and high-intensity bursts of mechanical energy into soft-tissue to help with pain and dysfunction. 

Individualized, goal-oriented, and comprehensive programs to assist patients to return to work, restore function, and improve quality of life after chronic disability.

Helps patients learn new ways of doing things, regain skills and develop new ones, use materials or equipment that makes life easier, and adapt their environment to work better for them.