Virtual Physiotherapy

Virtual Physiotherapy service provided via videoconference that allows assessment and treatment from the comfort of your home.

All personal information that is collected online is stored securely in the same manner that is used during an in clinic.

If any medical emergency occurs during your session, the physiotherapist will ensure that your emergency contact and/or EMS (911) is called.

The virtual sessions include but not limited to:

  • Perform a detailed analysis and provide a diagnosis for your condition
  • Examination of your functional patterns and active range of movement
  • Demonstrate and establish an exercise routine suitable to your specific needs.
  • Progress and Correct your exercises
  • Provide pain management strategies
  • Establish self management strategies like pacing, proper positioning and activity modifications
  • Provide return to work plans, modifications and reports
  • Provide detailed treatment plan of care
  • Educate patients on their condition and provide prevention strategies
  • Establish meaningful goals in collaboration with the clients
  • Order assistive devices, support, braces or products to assist with self management within their own environment

Payment and billing information:

  • Several insurance companies are covering virtual sessions and the list is growing. Contact your provider directly to find out if they cover virtual Physiotherapy sessions.
  • Work related injuries is being covered and billed directly by our clinic via appropriate portals
  • Car accident related claims will be billed directly by our clinics
  • In case where direct billing is not available or clients requiring to make payments- Our administrative staff will call you to assist to make credit card payment on the telephone or provide e-transfer details.
  • We do not store any credit card information in order to protect your financial information.
  • We will email you a detailed invoice for your records

To book or if you have any questions please email us at  or call 905-970-8100.